Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Yokomo Drift Blog Links

YOKOMO shares some tips on tuning advice and part selection.

Knowledge is a good thing... Yokomo have started to share their tips and setup options so that more people can tune their cars.  Basic articles that explain some reasons a part might be selected.

The YD-2 EX is prime example that the stock YD-2 and YD-2 Plus may not suit every circuit.
The YD-2 EX has small changes that allow for wider setup changes and specific parts for performance and not only image. 

Some information you may find interesting that's available in English and Japanese.

I've selected the most applicable ones recently for you.

RWD Gyro Hunting
Causes and fixes

Gear Ratio
Motor and Ratio Suggestions for tracks

Battery Selection
Why use a different size

RWD and Front Bearings
Maintenance Important!

Ball End Caps
More Clearance = More angle

Damper Settings
 Angle and position basics

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