Saturday, May 13, 2017

GCRCD 20170513 - Return 2 Battle.

Early start saw a Double DRB-REW battle.

Newest Team Machine is this Cherry Red Origin S13. Overdose Work Wheels need the clear coat to POP!

 This was amusing as ... after a course exit, the Y arm guided the car along the fence. A good two meters of sliding humor.

Time for some more shots...

as more team machines arrived. Some tuning for this Overdose DIB Z.

And then the GCRCD Alien arrived.

A great little session.

P-tile is providing the same grip (to within an un-noticable % ) as GCRCD coloured epoxy concrete. So with a bit of building in the works, we will soon be transforming a previously unused section into a fun option. 

Keep it interesting. Keep it Fun.

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