Saturday, May 20, 2017

GCRCD 20170520 Break Time.

Well, Take some time to chill. Who knows what the future holds at GCRCD.

From my recent trip to Japan, Mori-san from Circuit Dr. gave us some Kuso (shitbox) Hachi Roku project stickers to match the 114 stickers from my last trip.

Along with some larger stickers that I added to the shed. A touch of Japan on Australia's Gold Coast.

These machines are used for fun. It seems when we play with these, there's more aggression than any other chassis body combo.

While in Japan, the 86 project is a slow pace drift train, But... We are all out over under, inside outside, playing with different lines... Maybe because they are more stable with a lower power motor, it gives you more confidence to go for everything.

I think it comes from the fact that they drive differently to other machines and a no care attitude for the little NA 1.6 shitboxes.

In the melee today we were joined by another under-powered beast.  Builder of the orange beast now running another  red corolla.

It was a lot of fun with heaps of crazy laps,

but you know sometimes we get it all wrong... hahaha! I remember i ran myself head on into a wall watching other cars adventures.

All good... ii Yo! 114 style.

There's some crazy video I'll link on facebook.

Still a few S13's on track.

In the later hours, we had some fun.

there's always new stuff.

This trio has the Rotary Feel.

RED BULL in the veins.

This Sakura 86 was looking meaty meaty.

Gives a great overall feel to the scene

So while today was a immense fun, our scene is small and that also means fragile. So we are forced to take a break while re-evaluating a venue, re-think a future.

I have a few chassis in the build so my blog will focus on those, before return to a circuit somewhere, sometime.  

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