Sunday, May 14, 2017

WARU Circuit Tribute IS-F Sport

Sitting on the bench... the Waru Tribute IS-F Sport is almost ready.

Yesterday morning I thought I was finished... so I threw it in the SUN.

But the lines on the Lexus IS-F are somewhat confusing...

I started searching for that something. What was missing... Was it a Subaru?

These WORK Meisters helped a lot to gain direction.

I threw some VIP Chrome and it looked good, but the Front Splitter Extensions really lifted the appeal to me.


Twin White LED plus a BLUE corner lens. Should light up well.

I wanted to put a swan neck and keep the wing much lower, but that order will take some time. Small WARU emblems and GCRCD Sliders logos. Subtle but defined.

It's when you get around the back, the complexity starts. there's a lot going on.

Already over 50 stickers on this car. Even though it's just one colour.

So only a couple of tasks to complete the image. 

Now just to head out to OI-Futo for some late night testing... Kanagawa style Dori Dori.

SPL Thanks to those I met on my Japan Vacation 2017. Esp. WARU Circuit, Circuit Dr, WIN'S Circuit Narita, Neo Drift Stage, Team Tetsujin,

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