Friday, October 9, 2015

GCRC 24 Hour Drive

While the cars looked great on track,  

The drivers hold the key.

Crazy 8 DIB working well.

When I first saw this picture I though understeer but then I looked closely... Double Reverse Entry!!! Nice!


Tommi EVO III Drift Prototype meets FD3s.

 A fun experience.

Storm Trooper with Attitude... What You Lookin At!


Mark X VIP

Playing with the 180 Clan

 Slide On!

Late into the night.

And head into the morning.



  1. I have a question irrelevant to this topic, it's about body building if you could help :D

    I have a Toyota 86 Rocket Bunny V2 bodykit that's all been cut out, but I'm not quite sure how to put the bodykit on to the body. I've got gaps between my bumper and the body (perhaps my bad cutting) and I'm not sure if this will effect the outcome for the front of the car. Help would be appreciated!

    1. have to carefully cut to make it match. I cut about 3-4mm off the hood side to get it to line up properly. V2 bumper is no so good. A lot of people just mount them over the top, but it doesn't look good.

      Look in the body Building links on the right --->


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