Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GCRC 24Hours of Drift on the Gold Coast - Body Showoff

Mr Bean's Z starts the lineup. 

Super clean S13. 

Frntic Tune RX8

Super clean Yokomo FD + RC-Art Aero. 

Tamiya + Rocket Bunny Aero.


And the machine of death.

Fairlady 280-ZX 

Weld HPI Widebody Chaser

The HPI Flat Body FD3s.

Proline Transam.

Full Yo Ko Mo S13.


Yokomo Street FC3s + Tetsujin Rim

Sykline + Super Advan II 

Foc us.

Yokomo Samurai  FC3s

Weld Cresta

ABC Rocket Bunny MiNe Version.

Tamiya FD3s + Rocket bunny FD3s 4 Rotor.

Up Garage 86

Barbie's S14.

32 and onevia

180 and 32

Rusting away.

The lineups like this variety always makes for hard choices.

Street, D1, D1SL, Full Tune or stock.

The choices are endless.

Lots of flat paint styles.

But there's always one stand-out.

3rd went to the Crazy 8, 2nd went to the RX3 

GCRC SPL award to this unique Transam

Multi award winner was back enhanced with new front bumper, Engine bay and still looking cool. Taking the #1 popular vote.

.RSG. award to this silver clean and smooth FD3s 

Detail was spot on.

The 24 hours started with a bang.

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