Monday, October 26, 2015

RE-Xtreme RC Drift Bible - Drift Lines

Let's look at the Good and Bad and why now in Formula D at least, the bad somehow has become acceptable.

Whether in-clip or out clip. This is the perfect position. 

the fronts of the cars and rears of the cars are in line as they travel around a corner. This is Line Emulation.

So whats wrong with this? Everyone does it in Formula D. Well these days there is soo much smoke, If you sit behind the following driver can't see.

Smoke is killing top level drifting. 2015 Texas and Irwindale is a good example. we saw so many cars trying to do it right, then get it so wrong when they can't see trapped in the smoke line.

In fact the winner was so far off line, but somehow it as accepted.

 So this is not emulating the line. the driver up front has tried super hard to get the rear of the car onto the wall. or out clip. The following car has an easy run and will NEVER crash on the out clip. This is why this position is bad. No matter what the front car does, the following car can't make a mistake.

It's kind of a rule that should "go for the door and no more". but as you can see here. You'd be right in the rear wheel smoke zone for an 800hp car.

So what do you do... in RC. there is no smoke. So please go for the door and no more.

Because in a train... look what happens when you dont.

Yellow car pulls up...

Following white car will find a big gap...

And now the yellow car is G.O.N.E gone. Totally out of position and will most likely be forced wide. and the white car is totally ready to slot into the right spot.

I don't know what the answer is in Real Drift. But I hate watching cars off line and winning competitions.

In RC. There is No Excuse. Get it right.

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