Tuesday, October 6, 2015

GCRC 24Hours of Drift on the Gold Coast - Body Winners

Evolution is a killer!

Take a previous contest winner and make it better. sound's easy...

Some awesome details.

create the added realism. You don't even notice the tail slider beneath.

Popular vote winner by a country mile!

This simple RX3 received a large number of votes also. 

Start with an image in mind and execute well. 

Again the small details adding to the impact.

GT Mirrors and a decent rim match is all you need.

At the other end of the spectrum is this machine taking a close 3rd over Mr Bean'z.

Keep looking and you will keep finding details.

Fenders, mirrors, Vents, Exhausts, mesh cutours, internal radiators, etc etc. etc.

Not your regular RX8.

This proline body is rarely seen on 1:10 drifters. The low height makes mounting difficult.

GCRC SPL award for this unique machine. Small details and lines masked well.

basic black can be all you need.

RE-Xtreme .RSG. design Award went to this FD3s.

Realistic image

Well chosen accessories

and killer paint and stance provide maximum impact.

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