Sunday, October 11, 2015

Speedline Reviews

Oospeed and Speedline were gracious enough to allow us to test some tyres and wheels. 

I already have a few sets of Speedline rims and Tyres, so it was no big deal matching a set for testing.

So far we tried the Rear Wheel Drive CR-1 and CR-2 at GCRC Raceway with 3 independent drivers and chassis.

The CR-1 is the "harder" Medium tyre. It has very very consistent behavior. These will be great to match CS cars. 

It also has a built in rev limiter. If you slowly get on the throttle you get grip and forward motion. Bury the throttle and you don't go anywhere off the line. But once up and running, these tyres are awesome.

The CG-2 is your typical "Medium" Medium-Soft tyre that degrades quickly and although gives a lot of grip also ended up being simply too fast for our use.

Immediate front end understeer with regular front tyres and only short drifts as grip was reached. Definitely one for the faster tracks out there.

We also compared these against Yokomo Zero-One R4 which fell in between the two Speedline compounds
Against the MST CS-R Red benchmarks they performed well with CR-1 having a much longer clean tyre feel as they don't pick up surface dust into the compound.

Se we were very pleased with the outcome. Final decision to come for control tyre selection. 

The Gemini is one body I don't mind running 20mm front tyres. They look better than the fats. 

10 Spoke rims in +8 offset. I'm ready for my next front tyre test. CR-1 Rear tyre and CG-1 20mm RWD on the front and a narrower chassis.

the CG-1 are a hard compound that should match the CR-1 perfectly.

Ready to hammer.

RE-Xtreme Drift Package Weight Shift Master
Accuvance Airia and Luxon Kg 21.5T + Turbo Sanwa M12s + BLX + SGS-01D

I'll be sharing some RWD setups over the next month with weight balance measurements and wheelspeed targets

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