Thursday, October 8, 2015

GCRC 24Hours of Drift on the Gold Coast - Chassis Blingfest Winners

bada bing bada boom ! Chassis Bling in the room!

Not many original drift package parts left here. Suspension pins and rear gearset perhaps...?

Full Overdose 

RWD Package layout.

To get to here over the stock machine takes about $2000. About the same a set of basic Ping golf clubs.

Bull Dog scored an award.

Unique and Unique.

Full dash and interior is fun.

While not a body and not a chassis, everything still comes together well.

Shocks required some work to get right. but overall an impressive machine.

Special award to this JXR.

Everything improved upon.

9T-43T front drive lowers the wheel speed dramatically for Grip on the Polished concrete.

Time on surface = grip.

Shots like this make you notice too much. 

This one took a couple of awards.

The sea of Blue always is striking.

Just that witing to clean up. 

GCRC's Polished concrete is extreeeeeemly kind to components. After running for 2 years. Most of our chassis are still scratch free like this one.

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