Sunday, January 3, 2016

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Dial in.

Setting up a new chassis that pushes the limits takes some time.  This is especially true for RWD.

Whether it be a Plastic Drift Package. or a high end machine. They all have their little tricks that are needed.

Converting a chassis from 4WD to RWD means changing a lot of components or modifying. I'm doing a little of both.

One of the most important things in RWD is steering lock. Extracting it can be difficult but these days there's plenty of items that help.

Wrap Up Next have been really been at the forefront of tuning and their VX knuckles are simplistic, but easy to use and setup.

With my wiper extensions, it's easy to generate enough lock from the DRB, but you immediately realise how much "a lot of lock" is.

Small things like running shocks upside down can create a few mm clearance.

I still like to run +7 and deeper rims up front, so that means creating space for the wheel. These OD Y arms work perfectly fine up to 55 degrees thats easily enough for CS but RWD has had me break out the dremel. 

I could run 20mm wheels without doing this, but the result allows for flexibility of use without resorting to "special" wheels.

It's also highlighted some shortcomings in the OD DRB steering with steering play not allowing for full extention in one direction. But I guess that's always been an issue with the DRB ackerman setup. 

While not 100% just yet, the results are already nothing short of "fantastic". With only minor tweaks to come. I am starting to really enjoy the Prototype DRB-REW.

With so many configurations possible, This one will definitely become a twin servo setup.

The blue Tsunami DRB is being prepared with Drift package long front wipers and will run the servo between the bulkhead.

Something I can't wait to get perfected.

Already Enjoying RC in 2016.

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