Saturday, January 30, 2016


GCRC Tower will occupy some space but full effect is great.

 Once this is installed at GCRC and final logos added, it will add another dimension.

S15 scale is good.

And the R32 still stars in front of track scenery.

Getting creative.

and the view from the top.

I still have a few details to complete, but it's overall complete.

Next week should be on track.

This was a little project I was working on with my father just before he passed away.

So I wanted to finish it quickly. Don't worry too much about the fit and finish, it's the overall effect I'm after as cars speed past.

Within my father's workshop surrounded by his creations, it was a great way to connect with him.

So I'll dedicate this one to my hobby obsessed father with over 80 years of modelling life.

Brian Gander . 1934~2016

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