Monday, January 11, 2016

DRB-REW Final Stage - Delivery

.RSG. RE-Xtreme RC Division DRB-REW Final Delivery. 

Getting all the components alone sorted out is a feat in itself.  27 carbon pieces in total + 30 odd screws and spacers. x 10 chassis.

RE-Xtreme RC .RSG. Design
DRB-REW ( Rear Evolution Weight Shift ) Conversion Set

1 x 2.5mm Main Chassis Plate

A Contents

Main Component Set
 1 x 2.0 mm Carbon Upper Deck
 1 x 2.0 mm Battery Mount
 1 x 2.0 mm Bridge Spacer Set (2pcs)

RWD Specific Optional parts.
 1 x 2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set Forward Narrow (2pcs)
 1 x 2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set Forward Wide (2pcs)
 1 x 2.0 mm Carbon Wiper Extension set Rearward Long (2pcs)

Optional Parts
 1 x 2.0 mm Carbon Bulkhead Support (2PCS)
 1 x 2.0 mm Front Bulkhead Servo Mount 

B Contents

Weight Shift Component Set
 5.0 mm ( 2.5 mm x 2 ) Bulkhead Spacer Set ( 10 pcs)
       2 x 2.5 mm Motor Mount - Left
       2 x 2.5 mm Pulley Mount - Right
       2 x 2.5 mm center BulkHead
       2 x 2.5 mm Front Bulkhead
       2 x 2.5 mm Rear Bulkhead

 1 x 3.0 mm Carbon Front Shock Tower
 1 x 2.0 mm Carbon Front Upper Arm Support
 1 x 3.0 mm Carbon Rear Shock Tower

C Contents

Battery Support Spacers
 4 x 4 mm x 18 mm Carbon Spacers
 4 x M3x30mm Stainless Steel Countersink Screw

 17 x M3x12mm Stainless Steel Countersink Screw


Box design has been a learning curve. I'll leave the final presentation as a surprise. But the boxes are ready to be closed and the shipping (where applicable) commence.

Silver or Black. Delivering very soon.

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