Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GCRC 2uesday

Tuesday was the day to have a "real" debut for the R32s

4 door and 2 door machines battling it out. A lot of fun.

CS machines also circulating well. Go the Datto!

Datsuns everywhere.

There's a lot of variety in chassis at GCRC. DPs, Bianca, and now some DRB-REW triple set.

But the common theme among these machines is Weight Shift. Utilising the grip for the weight shift on GCRC polished concrete makes an impact.

There were a couple of RE-R on track also, but you can't fit them all in the pic.  Get that weight up the back!

It's a common theme among the newer RWD chassis layouts.

The front motor rear drive is not finished, but performance is definitely enhanced by layout.

DRB-REW lineup   Left Chassis #001 , Centre Chassis Prototype, Right Chassis #005 

 Close battles ... yes indeed

A Bo Moon / BN Sports Style

 Locked on!

Some fantastic laps

With trains of 4,5 and more.

Switch back.

Gotta watch those pipes on transitions.

FXX Double battles.

Wait... Wait... Not Yet...  About now.

Looking forward to many more battles in 2016.

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