Friday, January 1, 2016

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Initial Setups

RE-Xtreme DRB-REW Prototype and the first conversions nearly ready for action. 

Tsunami Blue, Ninja Black and Typhoon Silver. Needs a closer look. 

Prototype #000 Typhoon

Chassis plate is still the stock carbon item. Newer versions are deep twill.

The upper deck, battery tray and front servo mount have been upgraded.  In this spec, I'm running VX Front knuckles and I'm using the DRB stock wipers in a forward mounting point. 6mm spacer keeps them low enough to maintain wiper position. Short extensions are being used.

Chassis #001 Tsunami

This is based on my favourite spec when using the prototype and so far uses the DP wipers. New servo mount for this location is good. I have also trialed the front servo mount, but a different servo horn to the one I'm using is required for effective action. 

Chassis #002 Ninja

This is full Overdose and custom anodized.  Ready to stealthly attack! Full battery tray for size  testing. Small cutouts allow for best fit without short lipo spacers.

Chassis #003 is a WIP. Using the stunning new twill carbon chassis and the long wipers.  This chassis will be custom anodized.

All remaining chassis plates should be due for mail out next week. 

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