Saturday, January 30, 2016

DRB REW Steering Options

Steering options for the DRB REW. 

I had originally designed the front steering around the Overdose option parts.However, this is one part that wasn't up to the task of rigidity in the steering setup. The way the bearings seat is simply not good enough for accuracy in the RWD.

The extensions allow for the use of an adjustable ackerman setup that runs between the front bulkhead.

To replicate the bearing seats on the DRB stock steering mount, you will need a 1mm or 0.5mm spacer to seat the steering.

The length of this part is turnbuckle ball to ball is 50~52mm and your setup will change of course.

As you can see the ackerman adjustment runs through the bulkheads.

Adjustment from above is easy. Because the REW bulkheads are raised. mounting the steering extensions under the wipers is a good solution.

VX Knuckles are allowing for more than ample lock.

Which is definitely needed.

I have been mounting shocks upside down for another mm of clearance. Note the forward position of the wiper mount.

As the wiper extensions were designed for the Overdose wipers the rear hole can be tight. 

 Open this hole as necessary for the lower kingpin if using the normal ackerman bar.

With so many options, some customization will always be required.But as I find these small items I add them to my cad solutions.

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