Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Straya day

 26th January is Australia Day, So it was fun to have a little national style.

Running some flags on the wings added some fun.

Even though our machines are predominantly Japanese. My S15 Strapped on.

S15 battles a plenty.

RE-R and Driftline Chassis working very well.

The Dlike S15 and the Pandora Origin Labo S15 are very similar.

You really need to be an S15 owner to tell the better looking of the two.

We added another R32 to the 6 car team today. So now we only await one more for R32 showdowns.

It didn't take long for the guys to dial in.

You can't get much closer than this.

Each R32 has it's own personality, But the A~Bo~Moon derived style is awesome.

JZX Style!

I started to dial in a new chassis on the new S15, but not really in the mood for setup, I switched to an existing chassis.

And has some major fun!

Riding the walls, my favourite pass time.

But there are always some in-clips. Tonight we trialed a new corner-style with a view to a refreshed GCRC track design.

Immediately the margin for error has opened up this particular corner. Allowing for continued running even when a little off-line.

And the odd wheel over the edge not an issue with low bodies. Nice test.

We ended the day / night with a little night run.

R32s door to door in the dark,

We will try to run this a little more regularly towards the end of sessions. So install those lights.

We are all preparing for a full 2016.


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