Saturday, January 2, 2016

GCRC New Year GO!.

GCRC 2016 ... GOGOGO!

 Flags down... it's time to party.

 This stang will straight line for sure... but will it drift?

Yes indeed! Wide open!

 The plate says it all.

 Finding the balance.

Blast away!

4WD Evo Style

This turned out ok. 5 in.

 New lease of life in the RE-R don't know how those tyres stay on the roof though.

 Everyone was extracting the best from their machines.

Loads of RWD action today.

lock on!

 The R32s are on track

We definitely have the 2 door versions in attack mode.

Each is slightly different

Bit more stance required but spur clearance is an issue on this machine.

Low style BN Sports means scraping.

Thats something my 32 does very well. Spice TE37 in SL trim looking awesome.

But all to soon the day drew to a close.

but I left with a major smile. My DRB REW was working incredibly well under the FD3s. A few minor adjustments required to the Overdose front arms for more lock, but I'm loving the style and performance.

A great start to 2016...

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