Wednesday, October 25, 2017


FR-D AE86 + 8.5T

Yes I know there's a 4AGE in the engine bay, but due to a lack of competitors in this class, Ive Upped the power.

Thus is what an engine  swap looks like in an FR-D.

17.5T usually turns about 15000RPM. With reduction gear sets in my FR-D dropping Final Drive to about 10.5 the throttle range at 10% is only 100Rear Wheel RPM to 100% maxing out @ only 1000RPM. this usually results in scale experience straightening mid corner and needing constant clutch kick to keep the drift.

so how about 300% power increase.

8.5T usually turns about 35000RPM increasing throttle range at 10% to 250Rear Wheel RPM to 100% maxing out @ around 2500 RPM at the wheels. This usually results in non-scale AE86 experience, but it means I can run with any other 1000hp chaser. hehe! 

to get back to AE86 Power levels, I simply drop EPA or ESC forward speed back to 40%  The smoothness of the motor allows a near equal result.

I run this machine on slippery concrete, so 100% throttle is actually too much anyway. I usually settle somewhere around 1500 RPM at the rear wheels for a balanced drift @ around 60~65% forward speed.

Having extra power means you can always go down. but with a 17.5 or 21.5 it's harder to go up in power as the gearsets are hard to get to in the FR-D.

All good. Big angle now NO PROBLEM!


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