Monday, October 9, 2017

R35 Project + P!PES. Part #1

Time to finish the GTRs. Lights and Mufflers will bring the project very close to completion.

P!PES is a small maker with a cool set of products, some are perfect for the LB Performance GTR35 Projects

You would have seen these installed in my previous projects.

The Class of 86 project collaboration to introduce the P!PES Back Fire Unit! was a special build.

With the exterior almost complete, I needed some cool titanium look zorsts for the R35s.

These R35s are similar and not exactly the same so I asked Ralph to provide something special.

P!PES Quad Armytrix Twin12 Style for the win. Perfect fit in the Tamiya holes. Protruding for impact.
The Green machine gets these blueish P!PES in each back hole while the yellow machine gets the burnt bronze. Slight inconsistencies in hand made style is cool! 

The L!GHTS kit is the #BLU-002-EF.

This is the Backfire Light Unit with two small LEDs for the exhaust, two Red Rear Lights for Brakes and twin WHITE headlights. The cool part with the EF is the Lights FADE!

Then there are 4 hazards that actually work in stationary mode to be exactly that. Hazard lights. Check it out!

The awesome part about P!PES Light Kits are the ribbon wires. It means you can keep things together or separate as you like. 

2x front white leds 5mm (80% intensity)
2x front white leds 5mm (60% intensity)
2x front yellow leds 3mm (warning lights)
2x rear yellow leds 3mm (warning lights)
4x rear red leds 5mm (standard light + brake lights)
2x 2 red/yellow 3mm leds (Backfire Unit)
Micro lightweight PCB board
Flexible grey flat cables

The ESC compatible module takes your ESC plug then returns to your receiver.

Realistic headlights with different intensity like real cars!
Hazard mode
Emergency mode
Taillights with brake function
Backfire Unit for Exhaust

the flat cables are long enough for easy placement.

I'm working on the best placement at the moment. I may end up with a roll cage style mounting solution.

So with the build nearing completion, stay tuned for the final install, testing , photography & Videos to come.

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