Friday, October 27, 2017

LB Performance - R35 + DRB-REW Part 2 - Shakedown

 LB Performance - R35 + DRB-REW Part 2 - Shakedown

Lets go!

DRB-REW + Overdose + Accuvance + Sanwa. With the big names on board, performance is good.

After a few laps of tentative crash prevention mid-track driving...

And feeling out the balance, with additional rear weight of the Pipes mufflers at the back, we went for it.

Closing th egaps until they were door to door once more.

Sneak a peek up the inside as one goes wide.

or following on a faster earlier in clip.

The balance settled with small EPA and shock adjustments.

look out for more of these as we make a video and explore the limits.

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