Tuesday, October 10, 2017

GCRCD 20171010 Tuesday Twerk

Tuesday is time to shake that rear well loose!

It was good to hand over the camera, A new lens under trial. Colour was a lot more intense, so I had to de-tune in post process

Thats the position I like for team running. Right on the rear wheel.

 FC Street version.

Matching the new wheel selection.

Trying a lot of different lines keeps everyone on their toes..

this line we catch up as we haul on to the "straight"

There was a lot of this.

and a lot of this. Battle more and more.

Down hill cornering

Overhill positioning.

Our Cameraman was on the ground. getting scale eye level.

results are always better than helicopter height.

Most GCRCD regulars are sitting on the floor these days. Our small grandstand view allows a greater involvement.

Zoom in!

I think I'll have to get lower also in the future.

A view from the control tower.

This control tower shot is the best place for good lighting.

Thats why shots on this corner are always well lit.

Hachi on the dangle.

S13s were everywhere.  

Well half S13s too.

A great session.

Now... I'm off to see some Real Drift and WTAC. See ya next week.

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