Friday, October 27, 2017

LB Performance - R35 + DRB-REW Part 1 - Shootdown

Tamiya GTR35 + Sfida LB Performance Wide Body Set + .RSG.

 #1 .RSG. MAX-ONE. Yellow


This build already had a large investment in chassis and body. so the 3 sets of wheels were purchased.

1. MST RID Black Crome with internal gold chrome or green chrome highlights look awesome but may remain for display initially. A second set of RID in grey were purchased for running.

Chassis on both cars are RE-Xtreme RC .RSG. Yokomo DRB-REW Conversion Set with Overdose Components and MST Brake caliper conversions.

Details from Yokomo MSt and P!PES L!GHTS compete the awesome picture.

P!PES L!GHTS include the Back Fire Light Unit (BLU)

in conjunction with P!PES GTR style quad pipes are insane.  

When you come to a stop, the hazard lights kick in after a short delay and if you stay on the brakes for a while, you get fast hazards.

All these little things make life enjoyable.

MST RAYS G35 rims are the natural choice for the R35, 8mm and 11mm spaced out to about +15mm on the rear.

This is the third set of wheels. The twins really make a good impression. But Personally the fronts need a little more dish.

So for the past three months these bodies have been a slow project. It's great to get them on track.

I've ordered the Overdose swan-neck rear spoiler just to add some aggression and balance.

next up.. Shakedown team drift.

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