Tuesday, October 31, 2017

GCRCD 20171031 Battles

Even when you are battling hard...

...looking good is always part of the drift scene.

 Battling hard...

And looking good!

Battling hard...

yep... you get the idea.

Battle Trains... 

 with minimal spacing.

With the level way up there. the crashes are few and the battles last a long long time.

This is Simona...

Vs one of the twins... girl on girl. door to door

having the scale imagery is awesome! Thanks to Troy on the camera tonight.

Not bad for someone who has barely used a DSLR.

It's good to get some more shots... 

Deep in the bonus Zone but this direction the angle is less as we build speed out of the corner on to the straight.

This kind of proximity is normal even when we sit about 10 meters away.

Chasing down the DRB-REW with the DP-REW

Ive changed the setup on the DP chassis to be capable of chassis roll and weight transfer. 

You can see in this pic as it leans.... But it's customisable by just a few tweaks on rebound and pre-load.

With more tweaks to come... We will Battle on!

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