Monday, December 10, 2012

Pandora JDM Fd3s Missile - Final Update #4

Very close to complete. So here is a preview.

I'm yet to add lights, exhaust and some minor things, but it's looking great. ready for abuse.

These Mikuni wheels are +9 offset, so I had to use 3mm spacers to get them under the guards at the front. I still need to get the rears under, so I'll need to purchase 2 more spacers.

Then I can lower the rear just that little bit more. It will help bring the front up that mm I need for clearance.

Looks a bit naked without the exhaust.

But I can't wait to get it sliding. Currently on my DRB. I might get it in action soon.


  1. This turned out great. The decals really help tie it all together.

  2. The big "RajiMaga" stickers were from RC magazine.
    The RE-Amemiya ones also contribute with lots of Kanji for a true JDM feel.
    Just a couple of details to go.


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