Friday, December 28, 2012

Taka13Bt FC Update

Roll up the door and lets head out of 2012 in style.

My Taka13Bt provided Bn Sports Team Samurai FC3s RX7 has received some updates with help from from Dorizaru.

An RE-Amemiya signature blue body can't really go wrong with some RE-Amemiya Tattoo style logos.

Supplemented by NFS logos (by the way, NFS is the "worst" drift game/sim in the world.) So don't get it.

But the real car sponsorships are cool. So I used up my Dorizaru supplied tattoos and NFS logos on this body.

I set up my chalk circuit and went for it. A pity that you can't downsize to 1:10 rock sizes. It looks a bit like drifting on cobble stones.

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