Wednesday, December 12, 2012

RE-Xtreme JDM Fd3s Missile - Armed

Ok, Missile Armed. Ready for attack.

 I installed my old set of Yokomo Active Lights, these really are cool. I like the hazards and alternate blinking.

When the car is sitting, the hazard lights come on. I have solid driving lights, and 6 others up front.

 I've also got the rears working well. I've hung the muffler way out the back also. I think it will be cool! It looks great in the house.

I had to make up a sticker set to finish it off. I've created my own "RE-Xtreme Sliders" for the tyres and some true JDM flavour.

My Rotor Man stickers are also on among some other craziness. Since added a Top Line "gift" sticker too.

Don't look too close... it is a missile after all. PC images are sometimes much bigger than reality.


  1. Wow, the Dorifto Re-Ex. Japan design is so cool! You should really make Re-Extreme stickers to sell on. With cool designs like that I think they'd do well

  2. Cool, because it's real I guess.
    Living there for 10 years rubs off.

    Can you print white? I hate having to trim stuff.
    I want to do some wheel logo's too.

    If I could do a clear background with white I would ask you guys to do it.


  3. We can't do white.. Can't you just print&cut it? With the right software and plotter you can print it with marking dots on the paper and then the plotter can read it so it knows where to cut.

  4. I left my plotter in Japan.
    I should buy another. Hmm.


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