Saturday, December 15, 2012

RE-Xtreme Street

A little update from the street. RE-Xtreme Street!

 I set up one corner out the front of my current abode.  But I'm also running downhill near the gutter and following the curve absolutely sideways the whole way. I'm finding ways to have some fun.

This is an extreme downhill entry that is quite difficult to say the least, but I can hang on the e-brake for a long time. I usually start somewhere near the street lamp in the background. and take different lines into this corner.

Yokomo 01-R2 tyres provide adequate grip and slip on this asphalt. There are virtually no cars on this street so I can also run across the hill with a beautiful curve straight into the corner also. It's good practice. I'm using Mt DRB 1.5 and the "Taku-13bt" FC, but I also tried the S14 which is much heavier and held slides much longer. I need more offset up front on the S14, but the chassis is set up for other bodies.

Unfortunately it was over 35 degrees in the sun, my quick photos were not good at all.

once out of the sun, I was able to get some shots. Suzuki Spec FC.

And I'm liking my new advertising blocks, I have some flags coming also.

They will be good to hang the tail into.

Anyway. Fun to come.

I've set up the DRB for High ride height right now, but it could do with heavier springs on the asphalt to return the stroke.


  1. Diggin that missile an glad to see us TA06 drifters get some love =)

  2. TA06 is awesome when set up well.

    I didn't like the maintenance side of things.

    Rear gearbox reminds me of an old Frog. TA06=TR06=FR0G easily confused. haha.

    Sometimes I miss mine...

    But I don't.

  3. Really digging the first 2 pics of the S14, reflections are great.

  4. nice work, what is that rims installed on mazda rx-7?


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