Tuesday, December 18, 2012

RE-DP SSG OD 2.0 - Waiting.

My Drift Package is waiting... waiting... waiting... for that final piece to enable movement.

New rims and Wrap Up Next nuts.

7 degree castor hub carriers, Team Suzuki lower suspension arms and 55 degree universals, Team Bomber Turnbuckles, Kazama Adjustable Damper Caps on Yokomo Dampers with RC926 springs and Losi oils.

55 degree is definitely achievable with this setup.

I'm liking the blue, silver and white contrast.

Wiring needs that small cleanup, and that missing piece is visible.

All I want for Xmas is my SSG carbon rear shock tower plate. hehe.


  1. Man i cant beleive that rear shock tower hasn't come yet.... I hope it comes soon so we can all see how this chassis ends :)

  2. Yeah, Xmas deliveries and all,
    Depends on the boat.

    If not,
    Team Bomber have just released a nice upgrade version.



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