Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pandora JDM Fd3s Missile - Update #3

The mad missile is almost ready.

I've got my custom intercooler and ducting, my custom headlights and modified yokomo buckets in.

I had to make these from an old set of supra lights. No running down to Akihabara and just picking things up these days. Result is good.

So here she is. Pink AVS model 6 are awesome on it.

The profile is actually quite good. As much as I want to run a wing. I think this one looks good without.

Proportions are still a bit wierd for an FD, but it's got character.

Just needs a set of cheap lights and velco, then away we go.


  1. The holes for the indicator lights and stock mirrors are really cool details! I need to remember those

  2. Yeah, I think those details are important on this particular body as a missile theme that looks like cheap parts were used
    Nothing is clear on pandora shells

    The bodies are a hazy semi clear polycarbonate

    Really cheap and flimsy

    I wouldn't recommend them for a perfect replica


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