Friday, December 14, 2012

Ready to Rock.

These guys have been at it for a while. They can never agree on anything.

The classic Silvia / Rx-7 (and AE86) rivalry is always a good point of contention.

Some love the swooping lines but hate the engine in the FD. Personally the SR20 in the FD would not be a bad combo.

I'm still yet to see a rotary in an S14, the rock solid engine is the best part. Owners, however do a lot to change the lines of the Silvia with of course the most extreme being the Onevia / Sil80 conversions.

These Dazda or Nizrota may both be Quad Rotor, 2JZ, RB, V8 or even V12 powered or even a bit of instant torque electric? The RC world requires a little imagination. Who knows, real drifters may soon be fighting over a Keyence Electric drive-train in the future.

Now they just have to get Wild Willy from the drivers seat.

RE-Xtreme, Powered by Keyence.

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