Monday, December 17, 2012

S14 and SSG Update

I got some new cheap copy rims for the S14. They compliment the chrome and black quite well.

Enkei RP-03 deep +9 in Gun Metal and Chrome.

They suit this pretty nicely.

My new flags don't like the wind. but look good.

I have a couple of carpet squares. But not enough for a track. haha.

SSG is almost complete. My shock mounts and front body mounts came today, so I was able to fit the bumper. I have some magnetic mounts to trial on this. Copy of the new Active Hobby design. I can't believe I can buy copies in 6 colours before the originals are released. Nutty! I'm just waiting on the rear tower to come and then I'm ready to go go go!.

Still deciding on final wiring position, but thats a 5 minute job. Soon!


  1. I've been able to run so much as well my own Doripake RWD.
    Setting is a little more settled, specification up to your blog.

    1. 今僕のドリパケは4wdケツカケ2.0xです。 1ヶ月間にセットアップをしたい。 後でRWDのセットアップをしたい。

  2. Activeのリンクは、アッパーデッキの付いているシャーシだと

  3. Links sounds difficult.

    Are you running gyro too?


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