Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pandora JDM Fd3s Missile - Update #2

Cool is always in the details.

I was deciding how to make this more missile like. Ideas come from being lazy! Bingo! I didn't want to paint the indicators. My window masking is horrendously bad, so it was fitting it need to be an "Unpainted Shell"

So I got out the Dremel and remembered my old FD3s and set about creating some light fittings rather than side indicators and mirror mounting positions.

I think the result will work well with the "Brand New" bumpers and refreshed AVS Wheels. I'm happy.

I have front RE-Amemiya style light buckets and I'll fill behind the front with a v-mount intercooler of sorts.


  1. How do you bend in your wheel wells to give them depth? Or are they molded like that?


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