Saturday, February 8, 2014

DIB 275 De-comission

4 Sale... DIB 275 Full tune rolling chassis and body set 695AUD + Ship. Very Very cheap.

I've decided to sell the conversion set separately.  click here.

Yokomo DIB275

Yokomo Full Metal Upgrades and More.

Yokomo 275 Mark X

Yokomo 275 Chaser

Chrome paint needs repair, Intercooler and Mikuni Work Genosis Wheels +10included

A few spare belts. Tamiya Wild Willy Driver Set Moving head linkage.

Sorry... Tyres are not included.. 

 SSG Chassis and upper deck (vynyl covered), CSG Towers RC926 Springs. Overdose parts.

Underside sticker bomb -  R2 Alloy arms.

Model garage Screw set, Velcro mounts etc etc etc 

CS 2.3... Someone must want this absolute bargain.

Change the chassis plate to normal length and it's still cheap.


  1. Škoda že to není aktuálne :-( asi nemám šťastie.

  2. sorry, I used parts for a DRB.


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