Saturday, February 15, 2014

Set Up Sarurday

Rear wheel drivers usually hitting up GCRC on Saturday.

MST FXXXXXXXX Ds of a variety of settings.

These two boys keep their cars very similar. 

Hence the similarity and closeness in battle 

front steering is looking better each time I see these. 

Thats not a bad image at all.

Or this... There will be some video to come.

A lot of RX7s on track today... not a bad thing.

 I did a mini shoot that will feature later.

The odd silvia hitting up the course including mine.

With my Silver 2.2cs DRB working as it should.

I haven't really toughed the setup for weeks now. Only the rear spacers change and a bit of spring tension depending on the body I run.

Today I was playing with the New DRB.  After seeing how the Japanese-Spec machine was working. I've started to bring it back to my spec. Removing spacers, weights and adjusting springs and squat, tow and camber. With the RX7 it was handling very similar to my CS 1.5 machine setting I used in Japan.

A few more things will change.   Next step vacation.

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