Tuesday, February 11, 2014

DRB Projects

Whats happening... DRB Consolidation, Re-Conversions, Preparations and Evaluations.

Recently I sold my Overdose Drift package. And I was looking to sell my DIB.

Having three different chassis to support is frustrating at times. If something breaks, you can't source a replacement easily. Setups are quite different and R&D is slow.

This DRB is the DP blue replacement. This machine will become my TEST chassis.

The previous owner took some time to raise the ride height in a different way, Installed 10deg C hubs with a 7 deg option, Kazama shock tops and rear hubs, rear stabi and team suzuki sus arms.  there is little to no play in the driveline pointing to care and pride of the previous owner.

FCD is 1.3 with a 1.5 options.  13.5T and 10.5T Yokomo motors and a few other bits. But basically a pretty normal DRB

the target surface was asphalt or concrete, but the HT chassis has ne a scratch due to raised suspension.

 I'll be moving to CS 3.0+ with this one and then moving the best setting to the RED OD.

DRB Stock settings and options are

40-15 15-40 = 50:50
40-15 15-30 = FCD 1.3
40-15 15-27 = FCD 1.5
40-15 15-22 = FCD 1.8
40-15 15-20 = FCD 2.0

By changing the pulleys and belts I can easily achieve

40-12 20-20 = 3.33
40-12 18-20 = 3.00
40-12 18-22 = 2.73
40-12  20-27 = 2.47

40-12 18-27 = 2.22 My current Setup with a 1.3 rear belt.

These are easily achievable with combos with rear FCD 2.0 set. 1.8 Set or 1.5 Set. 

FCD 2.0,

41 is possible up front on the DRB for a bit more.
11 is also possible but the availablity of Yokomo style pulley gears is limited.
I want to try and keep maintainability easy.

41-11 20-20 = 3.73

Should I go that far? TEST Chassis is for testing.

then once settings are correct I'll be transferring that to the RED project and then go from there.

I was going to sell the DIB275 as a whole set, but I was basically giving well modified parts away.

So I've started my final dream chassis and I'm selling the DIB conversion parts separately. It's very easy to go either way. DIB -> DRb or DRB -> DIB275

I've transferred all the bits I could onto my spare Overdose Chassis plates. Installed a donated Kazama Pulley Mount with much appreciation and began evaluating what I need to finish the red machine.

I need...
RED motor mount of some brand,  Vertex might be nice.
Bridge  Old or new? New is fat!
And rear deck mount Mount.
Front SSG Tower bar of some brand.
Rear tensioner.
New red velcro mounts

I have a small battery mount and alloy spacer.

Expect to see some TN racing pulleys and RC926 belts on these soon.

 Keyence... Moternals will appear. High power at the moment, but target is 13.5T Airia Turbo Screamer.
Currently it sits at CS 2.6

So thats it... The path to finality has begun.

these three are going to be the set for a long time.

RE-DRB OD Typhoon Spec 2.2 Silver Polish
RE-DRB OD Samurai Spec 2.6 Red Alloy
RE-DRB HT Tsunami Spec 3.2 Blue Alloy


  1. I found the upper deck support was a very hard to find item since it is discontinued.
    I tried finding one of these to do my own DIB -> DRB conversion, but had no luck.
    Luckily you have more connections than I do!
    Hopefully you find one during your trip to Japan~
    LOVING the chassis lineup. Epic.

  2. I'll be in the stores soon.
    I'm sure there are some to find.


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