Sunday, February 23, 2014

The FD of Death. RX-666

Building this is going to kill me! 20 separate aero pieces will somehow fit together.

I've had this sitting in my room staring at me... possessing me...

 A bit like that movie "Christine" where the car talks to you in whispers... "build me, build me"

I've had all the parts for a while unpainted. and I could not see myself matching up any kind of complex livery on this. So I decided there was only one solution.

Paint everything I could see Black.

I was getting a bit overcome by the demon FD rx-7 so I did a little work on the DRBs.

Now have the RED motor mount in place and was finishing up the front end and I discovered that the DIB ackerman bar is slightly different to the DRB for belt clearance as the angle of the belt is different.

So custom machining will take place.


With things drying off, it was time to test.

The stock body with the RE-Amemiya front bar is very nice. Reflections are cool. But I will end up installing the Full RE-A Bodykit and create something "Bespoke". A word I hate but the results are worth it.

I hope this box of demons doesn't possess me.

"Finish me, Finish Me"


  1. Russ this is going to be awesome!!!!keep us posted!

    1. The Pandora and HPI wheel positions in relation to the door area are quite different

      The body will effectively move forward about 3mm. I have to cut away most of the wheel arches anyway, so it will fit no problems.

      Not many people doing basic black these days.

    2. Russ,i also want to make my hpi s13 black like yours but the only choice is to mask and paint the outside of the body.i remember Ishida-San his skyline was painted from outside.i saw it on your you think it will look goog?

    3. Ishida-san? I don't know that skyline. You can paint cars on the outside, I painted some matt colours like my rocket bunny 86 and the Missile FD and RWB. But they will get damage from crashes though.

      Do you want Matt or Gloss?

      This is what i am talking about. have a can of metallic black to use but i dont care if turns out mat its ok

  2. Replies
    1. He used the Tamiya Flat paint on the outside too.

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  4. This is a sweet ride


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