Sunday, February 2, 2014

GCRC Sunday Battles.

This morning, many of the regular runners at GCRC were on form. Everyone hitting their marks and starting to form some nice trains.

D1 Style. I've been doing my best to battle anyone and everyone. I had to pull out my scale Drift tengoku tape, but it had little chance of sustaining the damage. This is D1 Decay in action. Both mirrors are now gone, the rear fenders are cracked, more scars on the doors that reflect the intensity.

With everyone really going for the proximity, depth and angles, we are simply improving all time. I'm also working on my lead line with single correction on the steering wheel.

KE Style.

By the time the owner of this super clean s13 shell reads this, he should have seen some more tyre marks on the door(s).

Some tight battles in the hands of his son allowing me to get insanely close.

I may have to make an RC car wash! the 86 needs it.

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