Saturday, February 8, 2014

GCRC Satdi

Turn your world Upside Down! Think outside the box.

Today was awesome fun. This is the result.

I started the day in an 86 Battle with a slightly different track layout and ended in a melee of 10 cars going "flat buscuit" on the regular course.  To foreign readers, that means very fast.

But it was awesome. 

I've been enjoying battling everyone, but Jack and I have been getting some awesome battles happening.

While previously running +5mm rims, we stuffed these +9 MST Rid's under the skyline. To say it had awesome stance was an understatement. (more shots to come.)

The black on Green giving a stealthy look with the odd flash of white under handbrake.

I was really having fun with all the guys and welcome the side by side time.

GCRC. Come join the battle.

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