Saturday, February 22, 2014

DR Bros Attack

The DRB Owners gotta stick together.

These 2 machines are the same in name and share many components, however as they move apart in specification and evolution, the results are still similar.

A couple of cool looking and cool sliding Yokomo machines.

They have also lost their Yokomo body shells long ago in favour of something smaller and more scale.

The resulting Pandora RX7 and D-Like RX8 share the flat finish and Tamiya Cobalt Grey. 

Even though this "FD Missile" has had a touch life, the character is in the details.

I still get to see some of my older bodies in action. We've been attacking pretty hard recently. 

Wild Willy's been checking the mirrors for upcoming attacks

especially from this machine. Some wicked tandems today.

from everyone.

Consistently obtaining 4 and 5 car drift trains.without drama.

 Sometimes the camera does strange things, but they add to the effect.

 I discovered late tonight that +11 rims fit my RX7 perfectly. I guess some new ones will be needed.

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