Saturday, February 8, 2014

S13 by Charles

This S13 is not just for display. It's driven hard, but polished and maintained to showroom condition.

The role of this S13 missile is one of trial and test makes perfect. One missing mirror is testament to the battle scars.

Every time I see this machine on track, the JXR below the Bn Sports blister fendered S13 has been tinkered with.

While some would say that's crazy...  It means the owner has been learning. If you have never changed your chassis specification, Suspension, Alignment, and the many Drive Ratios and more more more, Take a lesson from Mr experimentation.

With two different chassis to maintain, you can learn a lot and apply that knowledge quickly. 

MST rims complement this machine nicely. Even small weights on the body help balance the look and performance.

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