Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Frolics at GCRC

GCRC Staff out sliding!

How can I take my own pics?

The men of GCRC getting in some practice on the Lonely man's valentines evening.

There were soo many good runs tonight. 

Especially with "Attack Jack"

 The Red man also on fire.

My Orange FD was sandwiched between this S13

And this S13

And this S13

as we ran the short track. I like to sit on the floor and drive from low level

Even though the view is a lot like this... Its hard to judge, but the short track provides a chance to get close to your cars.

New-comers tonight.

This is my new DRB in CS 1.5 test mode. I wanted to see how the previous owner had it set up... very well for a low cs machine.

that setting has long gone now. May the testing continue.

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