Friday, January 20, 2017

2017 01 21 - GCRCD Sessions

Sliders on track... Gonna be a good session.

Sandwiched in a train... Yes Please.

My new silvia still needs a bit of setup work. wheels slightly touching on inner set... but the look is good.

Join in with the Bro's

On this day, we had some visitors... No matter what team... If the cars are similar... they look amazing.

that's a lot of pink and purple. Guys that run together always door to door.

 I love this shot with one wheel off track... Going for everything!

D-Max Nakamura Style.

GCRCD style fit'[s right into this D1SL look and feel.

I'm loving the imagery we can get from a few figures and some drivers... It really adds to the realism. 

We like to take a bit more of a wider line here... purely for more sideways effect.

It certainly was ALL IN.

Big Entries... Big Fun.

Always easier to run 2 + 2 when the usual battle partners are this close.

I had some great runs all morning.

You wouldn't think that these two bodies are the same D-Like S13 Silvia.  the three beam Yokomo chrome light buckets really fool the eye as an identifying point. 

After a hundred thousand photos... My camera gear is not so sharp.

It should be a lot easier to get crisp images. But the slow dslr I have needs an upgrade.

that said, Martin and I still manage to get some good shots.

especially when the content is groovy!

The animals went in two by two...

Awesome sliding through the scenery. 

This angle for the Camera!

As the morning session moved on...

The next set comes in.

Aliens can drift too.

Very well it seems. 

We may see some changes to the jill in coming weeks.

Newcomers  circulating well.

We need advance warning for MOON day.

Follow the leader.

Battle Time

See you on track  @ Gold Coast RC Drift.

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