Tuesday, January 3, 2017

GCRCD - First Drift

GCRCD started with a bang! The RWD runners on fire.

Quality Drift!

At every corner, including a new one. 

After my post on the "Driving Styles" I set a line early in the session.

Within a few laps, everyone was one line and on bumper.

The BOX markers on our track help to guide the flow.

and that Line and Flow is most important to the constant drift train.

Taking some style choices off the fences make a huge difference to reducing speed and promoting proximity 

9 car trains today looked amazing.

The box in the the above picture is the out-clip. then the flag holder dictates the very late apex in-clip

 Then this very short run through another out clip leads onto the straight.

 No mater which direction you run. the line is the key. Any reference that helps drivers is a good thing.

One on the fence... All on the fence.

With 10 second laps we don;t need to rush to catch up. You can get proximity all up and down the train. At the next in clip... this will get messy. But  everyone makes these mistakes. I made plenty.

5 x R32s and the odd R33. Another Skyline festa.

New colouring on the MY33 looked good. This body is testament that Tamiya AS Paint is no problem if you first paint some pearl clear for it to stick to.

Overdose Junkies

and our "Chronic Overdose" member now with Vacula, Dival, XEX and impressive Vacula II now in the stable. 

Next week should see the debut of the first GCRCD 2017 S13 Liveries.

2016 A Bo Moon R32 team bodies will still be around. After a year on track...and endless pounding, Those who think Pandora RC bodies are too thin...  Shouldn't be too concerned.

A great confidence building and totally enjoyable start to 2017.

Bring it on.

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