Sunday, January 1, 2017

GCRCD 2017 S13 Team Project - Update 1,2,3

Its starting to sink in. 2017 is GO!

I'm not the only one working on these. Currently 6 in the build with a couple of different machines also.

Started to work on the chassis also. Finding the "Right" set of wheels has been a chore. I've settled on this MST style +8 Offset. The thin spokes show off the brakes and calipers very well

SLIDERS team members have that scale drift focus which means still so much to do, but it will fall into place quickly.

Next step don't know...

Tried this on for reference. There's nothing subtle about this S13

Bumperless kit is a just fit... Fuel tank beneath will be repositioned...

When the massive rear wing goes on... traction shouldn't be an issue...

D'Magic Light buckets were repainted, For easy mounting at the correct angle I placed them inside the normal D-Like bucket like a frame.

Also adding a support to the bottom.

Shinagawa Number Plate was slotted and pinned inside.

SRP door handles really add to the scale feel.

Slight trimming after the initial template.

Check point...

I modified the lights a bit more. test fitting a few times and trimming to the minimum and pre-cutting.

the fenders are pre-cut. one more knife trim and they will fall off. Cutting required through the light lenses and just along the bumper line.

Inner fenders trimmed to the minimums. small sections cut for flush fitting.

getting the inner set forward enough requires a bit more trimming.

Cutting this section allows the inner set to come forward enough for good fitment.

Otherwise the intercooler wont come in line with the lights.

more test fitting. I also had to trim small sections on the bumper for the intercooler piping and to mount the inter-cooler flush against the back of the bumper. 

Small mods to the shape of the Mark X Mirrors so they match the S13 Window area

Bonnet vent IN. (thanks for the loan)

Again note the angle cut from the interior frame corners.

Always get your wires and  lights in early. 'Im not sure if I'll run lights, But If I need them, They need to be in as access to this area is not good..

Magnets hold the panels together while the goo sets. Check how much was trimmed.

Getting close now.

Front and rear coming together well. All small holes opened up as required.

www addresses finishing off the boot

Twin oil coolers will be in place up front.

 Interior details coming along

 Mirrors on. three holes drilled for the goo to squeeze through the window frame.

Main windows will be cut soon.

And some more to do... but not far away.

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