Saturday, January 7, 2017

RE-Xtreme Drift Package-RF-R Ninja Van : For Sale

FOR SALE: (one of a kind) Yokomo RWD Ninja Van + Many Many Options built from the Yokomo drift package option list. Don't be fooled, this FUN machine can still mix it with the best high end chassis.

Yokomo MR4-TC / Short Wheelbase RF Concept Chassis / RWD and 3.4CS Settings.

Yokomo's Drift Package is a proven item for CS and RWD. The RF Chassis was offered as a one make front wheel drive class based on the MR4-Touring car chassis shared with the Yokomo Drift Package.

NOTE: Yokomo Full Size Drift Package MR4-TC 257mm Wheelbase Chassis included!

Options are
Yokomo RF Concept 215mm Wheelbase Base chassis.
Yokomo Alloy Motor Mount - Blue
Yokomo Battery Mount - Blue

Yokomo Front Type C front Support - Blue Alloy
Yokomo Front Type C upper Arm - Plastic
Yokomo Imadoki Wiper - Plastic
.RSG. carbon wiper extensions - Carbon 

MST Front Lower Y Arms  - Plastic
MST Front RWD Knuckle  - Plastic
Yokomo and MST Ball Ends

Yokomo Short Shock Alloy Options
Kazama Adjustable Ride Height Shock Mounts
Yokomo Rear Sus Mount - Blue Alloy - 2Degree.
Yokomo Team Suzuki Suspension Arm
Yokomo Ball Differential 38T

Yokomo Wheel 4mm Clamp hex

Topline DRS10 +9 Offset Wheels
MST GA26 Tyre

Overdose Servo Saver for Yokomo
Yokomo Drift Spec Servo Included
Yokomo YG-302 Drift Gyro Included (NEW)

Wheelbase 215mm
Track 200~210mm

RC-ART Hiace (shortened 40mm)
RC-ART Exhaust.
4x Ninja Turtles Figures ($60 value)
Custom frame and mounts

Additional Bodies

Yokomo RF Concept Body included

Active Hobby 1/12 Scale RX7 SA22C Custom Wide- body included
 Made from 2x Active Hobby 1/12 size RX7s

Drift Package Short Suspension set included for Narrow Track 180mm.
CS 3.4 gear set included. Can be run as RWD / 4WD / FWD etc etc

RF Chassis + Full Chassis - + Servo + Gyro + 3x Bodies + Short Suspension Options + CS Options Up to 3.4 CS

Total Custom setup value over well over double this price. Outlet Price $450AUD + Shipping

$450 Semi-Roller and Bodies.

Optional Electrics - Keyence Combo - Tachyon ESC. Keyence Motor. (Choice of turns available.)
Sanwa Receiver.

$600AUD With Full Electrics. + Shipping.

Yokomo Full Size 257mm Wheelbase Drift Package Chassis included

Team Suzuki High Motor Mount not included

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