Sunday, January 22, 2017

.RSG. 2017 Start

2017 is GO! 

Two new builds are now complete and my third machine will stay for a while longer as the benchmark.

Let's check out the 2017 .RSG. Designed RE-Xtreme Garage.

2017 .RSG. "Dantai" Team Drift S13 has now been completed.

It started as a concept to promote consistent feel and driving style. We will have most regulars running this livery in the early part of 2017. Expect full profiles, body and chassis features.

I've been tidying up the details on the inner set. It really turned out just as good as the last one I made a couple of years ago. 

These pieces add variety to the style and chassis dynamic.

Driftline wing mounts add that little more F O ! to the rear

Aero effect from the diffuser and wing add a lot to the aero balance. 

 Time Attack... No... Drift!

I'm really enjoying the scale look and feel.

Angry for action.


Everyone needs an 86 they say. Learn how to extract the best from a lightweight low power machine.

This one is front motor - rear drive and under powered and geared to top out at corner exit...

So the key for mini-me is to replicate the constant clutch kicking Ueo-style thrashing required.

This one is real scale. with sound and style.


2016 can't be forgotten so the R32 makes its way temporarily into the selection. 

Some amazing memories at GCRC, GCRCD and my trip to Japan's top circuits.

I learned so much at WIN's, NEO, SHIFT, FASTER, DR., IROHA, HIKOTECH, TETSUJIN and all the suppliers I met.   

The A~Bo~Moon Low Style R32 project helped to consolidate the RWD feel.

This body has seen soooooo much drift battle action. I'm proud to see that I have been able to preserve it so far.

R32 M style + my DRB-REW has definitely done some laps.

With the driver figure in place. It has been the major focal point for my photographs in the latter part of 2016.

I'll need something pretty special to replace this.

Perhaps a D1 Spec RX-7 should find it's way back into the RE-Xtreme Garage during the year. 

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