Monday, January 30, 2017

.RSG. REX for DP and DRB Prototypes

REX - Rear Evolution Cross

This is one machine that started my RWD evolution. It was a long time ago when we all thought the gyro was a curse. Of course I struggled, But it eventually acquired gyro and became very usable.

I do remember how much traction the Active link suspension rear end generated, so on my last Japan trip I started accumulating parts for a new RE-X project.


You may also remember this Kazama GPX-R machine and the Active Hobby link suspension rear end.
The rear end link suspension found it's way back to me and now has a new home also.  

These are my two donors. Not bad starting points but of course they have already been modified.  

DRB is now wearing 1/2 of the R31 set and 1/2 of the DP set. There is some modification required to the lower rear arms to secure the links, but they may swap to the Active DP arms which don't require mods. The Overdose chassis can support the DP suspension mount also. The front end is already sitting with  DRB-REW extensions and achieves the width and lock I require and the final drive is now 12T to 40T spool.

The Overdose equipped  Kazama GSX-R DP Conversion has the mounts for the R31 rear and the top DP mounts.  

DP now has some WUN+OD with more to come.

It is running but still needs the tidy up before debut. I'm pretty sure this is going to be very effective.

I have a Nervis High Motor mount and few other things that will move this to a more modern DP style DP with a new .RSG. Chassis plate set to come. 

So for now, I'm back in the testing mode. Where this leads... I'm not quite sure yet.

But I think we may end up with a front roll modification also for full chassis roll.

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  1. Very cool development work !!..Look forwards to seeing this setup running


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