Friday, January 13, 2017

GCRCD - 2017 Style

GCRCD Style for 2017 is GO! 

Slider's S13 Team Drift Project debut.

ArynzSlider - Green and .RSG. - Gold on this day... but 3 more days will see a pink machine added with another 5 on the way.

I was having a few wheel clearance issues with my gold machine set so low. So we went for No-Fenders on debut.

Even this looks amazing and allows full visibility of wheel angle.

Lead wheel is the key to directional stability.

Oh, so thats how you set your geometry. Slight differences between Green-Overdose knuckle's DP and Gold-MST knuckle on DRB but both certainly ON LINE and no spins.

Come ON!

Already loving the imagery.Grab Second gear... Full interior for the WIN!

 Super aggressive.

Up the Touge Hill.

 Through the trees... this is GCRCD drift style.

This girl was enjoying the fun...

But she wanted a ride in the DP.

Characters will certainly be part of our style for 2017.

This orange->red fade will soon be on another S13.

But we haven't forgotten our Classic Scale either.

Fine tuning and more styles to come.

See you at the track.

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