Sunday, January 8, 2017

GCRCD 2017 S13 Team Project - Update 4 / 5 / 6

 looks the same as last post... No. It's all in the details as more and more is added.

 Dash install preparation.

test fit and small adjustments.

Then some decoration.

And finally installation. Luckily the REW centre deck is the perfect height ... Seats however will need trimming to clear the battery.

I painted up the Pro Shop Shift Wing Stays as a test only to see how much shorter they are.

about 20mm too short.but this image is fantastic!!! Totally loving the S13 and how the final image will look.

The front is still not finished. still ned to remove most of the bumper support shown here and install my oil coolers.

But this is menacing.

When you have a plan... quality results are pretty easy, if not time consuming.

Seat required a bit of cutting.

But install was good for the Friends...

or Twins?

They have attitude.

Burning the midnight candle "literally" resulted in this cage. Using PLA 3d printer plastic and a candle for bending meant the results were a good match

I really wanted an-around the dash style 30-40mm street bar style setup

Results are great. Of course Gold!But you probably wont even notice it.

It fits too well I think. Centre console also is a prefect fit in the REW after a little cut. the body sits right on the Upper deck Just like my R32.

Girls are ready... But they must wait a little longer.

 bumper support

trimmed to fit.

There's also 2 support extensions on the rear but magnets will attach both the bar and the support  

 Oil coolers still require some more mounting details.

DRIFTLINE rear wing stays

F-O Wing complete  Muffler in. Diffusser end plates to be decided.

minor adjustments with o-ring spacers

Feel the power.


Next... fender cut and magnets before finish.. the end in sight.

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